1ST EVER GROUP GET-TOGETHER - 27th - 28th of June 2009

Judy, our hospital contact for MANY years
She retired 4 days later. Planter is group gift
to her

Judy, Barbara G. Ginden, Gail

Barbara G. Our very own Energizer Bunny!

Mae & Saul. Wonderful couple!
Saul gave a loom demo.


Gift Table

Get together for Summer/4th of July event
27th - 28th of June - this will be 1 week before the holiday so will ask everyone to have their goodies to me by then.

Come early, stay late. Spend a couple of hours or a couple of days, (seriously)! I have a large home, (Browns Mills), and several sofas for sleeping. Maybe even an air mattress. The weather should be nice and I have a fenced yard if you need to bring the kiddies. Toys will have to come with, tho, as I have none. Gifts for all and perhaps a couple of silly games.

I thought this might be a good time for members to meet and get to know each other a bit. I have an ulterior motive, also.

We could use the time to put the delivery together. Sorting the items, making up gift packs, labeling, whatever. And af course, a lot of visiting!

Bring your knitting, crocheting or sewing work and show off your skills, maybe give a few pointers to those of us that need some help.

Bring your favorite patterns to share. I have a sewing machine, and a serger for you to use. Perhaps Dianne W., (or someone else), will bring her embroidery machine to put finishing touches on plain blankets and other items.

I always have 2 knitting machines set up, (standard & bulky), and can offer some demo and teaching, if anyone is interested. Dianne can help with this as she also uses machines. Make up a bunch of hats to finish at home!

I thought to set up some stations like:
*stuffing pillows

*machine knitting - 2 machines always set up - learn to make a hat and then make some to finish here or at home. Time to make, about 15 min. If interested in this, bring some yarn like Red Heart Soft Baby, Lion Baby Soft , Bernat Softee Baby, that weight. OR, make a blanket and later finish with a crochet edge. Time to make on the machine, about 1/2 hour. Bring a heavier yarn like Red Heart Super Saver or Caron Simply Soft, any 4-ply yarn that will wash up soft. You can also make a hat on the bulky for full term babies. Let me know and I will tell you how much yarn to bring.

*sewing - sewing machine and serger always set up. Cut your fleece or flannel at home and finish stuff here. Or bring ready-to-sew burps or the Sew Young Sew Fun gown used in the hospital. Or whatever you want to work on. Plenty of thread here and some fabric.

*Share, swap & sell area - bring yarn, fabric, patterns, whatever, that you would like to share, swap or sell. I am sure there is stuff sitting around that you will never get to. There will be wedding gowns here if anyone would like to take one or more home to use the fabric for burial clothing or a pretty little special dress. Already have a few sewing patterns and some yarn to share.

*Make up gift sets for the babies

*Food area - please advise if you have any food restrictions. For lunch I plan a meat & cheese platter, bread and rolls, condiments to go with, potato salad and/or macaroni salad, maybe egg, tuna or chicken salad, desserts. There will be tea, coffee, milk and other cold drinks, bottled water. If you have a favorite drink, just bring it along. Dinner will probably be some kind of pasta with meatballs and Italian sausage. Have a turkey in the freezer that I might cook. Not real sure yet. And desserts, of course! Breakfast will be served for sleepovers and there will be coffee, tea, and yummy breakfast treats for early arrivals.

THINGS TO BRING - if you have them, do not go nuts buying stuff as there will be some supplies here

*Stuff to work on while gabbing with other members
*Ruler - for measuring hats, booties and sweater chest sizes
*Gal. plastic bags - zip kind - used for the baby gift sets - holds a LOT!
*Sandwich plastic bags - zip kind - for small stuff like hats and booties
*Yarn needle
*Folding chair

Anyone interested? Caring for Cooper members please post on the group. Others, send me an email at ginnie 1st @ hot mail . com (close up the spaces!)

List so far:
1. Judy - our NICU nurse contact will be joining us on Sat. She is great! You
will all enjoy meeting her! - Sat.
2. Debbi - NICU supervisor - Sat.
3. Dianne W. will be here at least both days. She loves sleepovers! Sat. & Sun.
4 & 5. Barbara G. and husband Stan will be here at least one day.
6 & 7. Mae is going to try to make it on Sun. Her husband will join us. He uses knitting looms and is looking forward to trying the knitting machines.
8. Barbara P. - from AC4C - Sat
9. Gail - Sat
10. Jeanne
11. Denise
12. Me, (Ginden). Guess I had better stay home that weekend! Sat. & Sun.

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