Cooper University Hospital

Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ. is an inner-city hospital that serves the needs of a diverse financial population. A large number of the babies are born into poverty level families and to young single moms.

When a baby is ready to go home, the hospital supplies the diaper, hat and shirt the baby has on. The blanket and any other clothing is supposed to be supplied by the family. In many cases, the only going home clothing is what the hospital has received in donations.

The need at Cooper is great, so please do what you can.

I want to thank the moderators of AC4C who have chosen Cooper Hospital as their Oct. 2010 Monthly Project. Looking forward to it!!

Items are needed for the NICU, Mother/Infant unit and Labor & Delivery.

*For more information and mailing address, contact Ginden at ginnie 1st @ hotmail . com (close up spaces in address).

**To learn more about "Caring for Cooper" and to meet our great members, just click HERE!

** Upcoming delivery - Apr. - Spring/Easter"

Posted: Jan. 4, 2010

Next delivery - April - Easter is April 3rd.



NICU:Mainly 5-7 lbs.

*Easter themed hats. 10"-12" - 12"-13" - NONE smaller than 10"!!!!!

"Every day" hats. Sizes as above

*Sweaters/sweater sets - NONE IN STOCK

*Hat bootie sets - a few in stock

*Blankets-all sizes-knit, crochet, sewn - very few in stock


*ONESIES -preemie size - NONE IN STOCK

*Isolette cover. Directions in sewing files. NONE IN STOCK


*Easter themed hats.- NEWBORN size!

"Every day" hats. Sizes as above - NONE IN STOCK

*Hug pillows/stuffing/money for stuffing

*Blankets 30" x 30" and larger

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