Labor and Delivery Unit

The items used in this unit will be the only clothing the parents will ever be able to provide for their little ones. Please make them as special as possible.

Sizes range from the tiny early loss babies up to full term with a greater number of the smaller ones. I have been told that they never seem to have enough items for boys.

NEEDS for Spring/Easter delivery: No burial clothing needed at this time.
1. Burial wraps/buntings - sizes from tiny early loss through full term.  They also like the
little fetal demise pouches - knit, crochet or sewn

2. Burial outfits - size, same as above - The gowns do NOT have to be lined, but if you do not mind doing it, it does make them nicer. A complete layette would be a blanket, hat, booties and gown or other clothing item. Separate items can be matched up upon arrival at Ginden's home.

3. Blankets - all sizes - used when presenting the baby to parents, for final photos, and for burial. Often used when other clothing is not available.

*Please use ONLY ties in the back, not buttons or velcro. The ties make the gowns more size-adjustable and are easier to use than buttons. Be sure the gown is open all the way in the back.

*Colors: any of the soft pastels and of course, white.

*These items may be shared with the NICU, depending on need at time of delivery.
*See pattern links for suggestions:  Sewing, Crochet, Knitting , Machine Knitting 

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